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Legacies of a Noiseless Governor

The Akwa Ibom story today is the story of a leader whose commitment to service to the people is a creed cast in concrete. When he strapped the seatbelt on the driver’s seat as Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2015, Gov. Udom Emmanuel included infrastructural  consolidation and expansion as a critical component of his visionary blueprint for Akwa Ibom State.


15 newly-constructed or renovated general hospitals

1100 km

Over 1100km of roads constructed.

40 +

Over 40 bridges constructed

Talent Discovery & Sports Development

The success of vibrant economies across the world are partly attributed to their gains from sports development. Hence every forward thinking government in modern times are making significant investments in sports facilities and development of sporting skills. The Eket Sports Stadium is one laudable feat of the Udom Emmanuel-led government with an obvious aim, and , in the light of what the sports industry has evolved into the world over, it is clear to every discerning mind what potentials the new centres for talent discovery in Akwa-Ibom holds for the people of our dear State.

By building and developing sport facilities in the State , Governor Udom Emmanuel has created a value-chain that will generate opportunities and numerous benefits for the people, this facilities will contribute to the economy of the state, which under Mr Udom Emmanuel, has become a choice destination for sporting activities in Nigeria.

Changing the Industrial Landscape

Human Capacity Development

Mr Udom Emmanuel Administration has taken many steps in changing the narrative of Akwa Ibom as a Civil Service State, repositioning Akwa Ibom through massive investments in the Industrial sector contributing quite significantly to economic activities in terms of offering employment to teaming youths and income generation.

To adopt a new approach , Governor Emmanuel, known for his expertise in good corporate governance, sought and attracted investors to be partners in running the factories that had been established by his administration which include , the Jubilee Syringe Factory, the metering Solution company, King’s Flour mill and St Gabriel Coconut factory and car assembly plant among others


Changing Akwa Ibom Industrial Landscape

secured future for more industries & capacity development catalyst

Reinventing HealthCare Standards

One of the sectors the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel has successfully revolutionized is health especially secondary healthcare. Between 2015 and 2022, the administration has undertaken an unprecedented remodeling, upgrade and equipment of healthcare facilities across the ten federal constituencies of the State.

Most of our Hospitals now operate in neat and endearing environments, with state-of-the-arts equipments procured to ensure sound service delivery in the health care sector.

Bold Signature of a Performing Governor

It is the responsibility of any responsible government to provide among other things, good roads for it’s people. Therefore it is no surprise that the Udom Emmanuel was able to do just this in more cases than one. 

The construction of these roads facilitates a free flow of traffic in an erstwhile traffic logged area eliminating in the loss of manhour in traffic amd most importantly, effectively  putting an end to the frequent loss of  lives in the axis where this road. Making Akwa Ibom become a business beehive and bubbling center  of commercial activities,

Small and medium scale enterprenueral activites have sprung up and commercial and private vehicles multiplied courtesy of the presence of road infrastructure.


Footprints of a Silent Achiever


Transforming Lives & Fostering Economic Development

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